SFGATE is your portal to the Bay Area and California's most important news and fascinating features.

SFGATE is your portal to the Bay Area and California's most important news and fascinating features.

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Launched in 1994, SFGATE.com was one of the first large-market media sites in the world and served as the exclusive digital home of the San Francisco Chronicle for 19 years. The site, which was initially known as The Gate until officially becoming SFGATE in 1998, was co-founded by Allen Weiner and John Coate, and was the first news site to offer searchable archives, classifieds, and open public forums.

In addition to the Chronicle, SFGATE also published content from KRON-TV and the San Francisco Examiner up until the early 2000s, when Hearst Corp. acquired The Chronicle and SFGATE, divested the Examiner and ended the association with KRON-TV, which was sold separately.

In 2012, SFGATE won a Pulitzer Prize. Mark Fiore, whose animated political cartoons appeared on the site, won the Pulitzer for editorial cartooning. It was the first time since the category of editorial cartooning was created in 1922 that the Pulitzer went to an artist whose work did not appear in print.

In 2013, the Chronicle launched a paywalled premium website, sfchronicle.com. Over the next six years, varying amounts of free and premium Chronicle content appeared on SFGATE, then in 2019, the Chronicle and SFGATE officially became two separately run entities with their own editorial staffs and independent newsrooms.

Since that split, SFGATE has won 10 San Francisco Press Club Awards, three North American Travel Journalists Association awards, and a Society of American Travel Writers Lowell Thomas award.

SFGATE currently has a staff of 38. Grant Marek has served as the Editor in Chief since 2019.

The site is home to: Culture, offering a unique mix of the entertainment news you actually need, and the underground stories from hidden corners of the Bay Area you want; Local, the premier destination for everything that life in San Francisco encompasses (from wildly expensive real estate to schools to what it's like to live above a raucous bar); Sports, covering the intersection of sports and pop culture; Travel, where we exclusively cover travel destinations in California along with flight deals and trending travel news; Politics, where prevailing narratives are placed under a microscope and you can find regular coverage of the state's most prominent political figures; Food + Drink, where we tell you the backstory of the people behind the bar and in the kitchen; and News.

In 2020, SFGATE expanded its coverage of California, hiring remote contributing editors to regularly report on Lake Tahoe, California Parks, and Disneyland. In 2021 it expanded again, hiring remote contributing editors to regularly report on the Central Coast and Hawaii.


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