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Away’s best-selling color is back by popular demand after 5 years

We are here for The new Away travel luggage limited edition color

We are here for The new Away travel luggage limited edition color


Away’s been around for a while at this point — no longer just an Instagram brand, the luggage, and travel gear company has built up a loyal following. After all, its bags are stylish, have great internal organization, and take a baggage-handling beating. Now, one of its first (and most-loved) colors has come back for a revival: Sky, a brilliant light blue.  

Available to shop now, Sky brightens up one line of luggage and one line only: Away’s Flex line, which features similar styles to its regular line (Carry-On Flex, $325; Bigger Carry-On Flex, $345; Medium Flex, $375; and Large Flex, $425). A few accessories also come in the shade, including some very handy packing cubes ($45). 

Launched in 2021, the Flex collection is made from Away’s durable polycarbonate hard shell but can expand an additional 2.25 inches for carry-on sizes and an additional 1.75 inches for checked sizes. It’s perfect if you’re bringing gifts or plan to do some shopping while you’re traveling (and the hardshell is nice for bringing back more delicate things, like bottles of olive oil or ceramics). 

The color was launched as part of Away’s core collection back in 2018 and sold more than 45,000 suitcases in three months. Since then, it’s been the company’s most-requested color for a revival. So now that it’s back, you know it’s about to be big. Plus, the chill blue is so calm for hectic travel days. 

Nothing’s changed with the insides, though: No matter what Flex you pick, you’ll have a handy place to store your laptop with external access, 360-degree smooth-sailing spinner wheels, an interior compression system, and a laundry bag for the dirties. 

Shop the new Away Sky Flex collection while it’s still in stock — it’s a limited edition release, so its inventory time is short enough. However, Away’s new drops are known to go fast, and given that this was a customer-requested color, we don’t expect it to stick around in stock for long.