Get COSRX acne patches and snail mucin for up to 40% off at Amazon

The Cosrx snail mucin deal is live on Amazon right now.

The Cosrx snail mucin deal is live on Amazon right now.

By this time of year, our skin has taken a little bit of a beating from the dry wind and lack of humidity — and the shift in the weather to spring might cue a few breakouts as your skin comes to terms with the new temperatures and moisture. But ahead lies hope, repair, and hydration: You can currently pick up two great deals from COSRX skincare on Amazon.

There are hydrocolloid patches to diminish random spots that pop up (in 96-count quantities), as well as the highly rated COSRX’s Snail Mucin 92% Repair Cream, each in stock and on sale. 

COSRX Snail Muchin 92% Repair Cream – $15.04 (40% off; originally $25)

Snail mucin products have been around for a while — especially in K-beauty products and also with the ancient Greeks. However, TikTok’s given them a resurgence in popularity. The key ingredient — the mucin — is what you think it is: mucus that’s extracted from the trails snails leave in their wake. They’re used and loved (check out the 4.5-star rating on this product) for anti-inflammation and anti-aging properties. 

COSRX Acne Pimple Patch (96 Count) – $13.60 (23% off; originally $17.69)

This almost 100-count box of pimple patches has you covered for present and future breakouts, no matter the size of the spot. Three different sizes in this pack can cover everything from little blemishes to big angry zits.