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Amazon is selling unlocked Google Pixel 7s for 25% off right now

You can get a new Google Pixel 7 for just $449 with this deal.

Unlocked Google Pixel 7 smartphones are on sale for 25% off at Amazon.

Unlocked Google Pixel 7 smartphones are on sale for 25% off at Amazon.


Smartphones are pretty much extensions of our arms these days. I’d be willing to bet that there’s a pretty good chance that you’re reading this on a smartphone right now. But if you’re ready for an upgrade, today may be the right time. Right now at Amazon, you can get a new unlocked Google Pixel 7 5G Android Smartphone for just $449 (reg $599).

Google Pixel 7 5G Android Smartphone, Unlocked - $449 ($150 off; originally $599)

I’ve been personally using a Google Pixel 6 for over a year now, and I love everything about it. So the Pixel 7 is something I’ve spent plenty of time looking into. The Pixel 7 is fast, efficient, and secure thanks to Google’s new Tensor G2 chip that powers it. It also uses Google’s Titan M2 security chip for added safety and security.

Like previous generations of the Pixel, the biggest calling card of the 7 is its impressive camera system. With multiple lenses, you’ll have up to 8x zoom and cinematic blur to bring everything the camera’s field of view to life. When you’re finished taking pictures or recording video, the Pixel’s 6.3-inch display will show you what you captured in vivid detail.

If you're looking for even more of an upgrade, you can snag an unlocked Google Pixel 7 Pro for 15% off, bringing it down to $749 from it's original $899.99 price. The extra cost gets you an even better camera and an even bigger display, at 6.7 inches vs the Pixel 7's 6.3.

Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G Android Smartphone, Unlocked - $749 ($150 off; originally $899)

Since these phones are unlocked, you can easily connect to just about any major carrier in the country, without worrying about being stuck with a network that doesn't work for you.