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Halo 2+ Collar Reviews: Cesar Millan's Dog GPS Smart Fence


(Ad) Keeping tabs on your dog can be challenging. Even if they are not prone to wandering, an impulse could send them running off, putting themselves in a dangerous situation. Can a Halo collar offer you the peace of mind you need to let them run around outside without supervision? Or is it just a training tool to help them behave at the dog park?

We compare the Halo Collar against other collars and wireless fences, like the budget-friendly Wagz Freedom Collar and the wallet-busting SpotOn Virtual Fence. By doing this, we will see if it lives up to the promises made about it.

Halo was founded in 2017 by one of the most iconic animal personalities in recent history, Cesar Millan, and his partner Ken Ehrman. Both had been working in the dog industry for years and decided to create a company that takes the most innovative tech and applies it to taking better care of dogs.

The Halo dog collar helps you create a wireless fence system. Your dog will wear a training collar connected to the Halo app on your phone. The Halo app allows you to set the perimeter of your invisible fence, keep tabs on your dog's location via GPS, and monitor your dog's activity level.

There are also other features included with the second generation of the Halo collar and Halo app. This new Halo version is much more durable than the original Halo collar and has better battery performance and enhanced GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities. 

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  • The new model has better location accuracy and connects to more GPS satellites.
  • Included nighttime Halo LED for visual tracking on the go.
  • IP-67 waterproof rating and coverage up to ten square miles.
  • Wireless Halo fences and built-in training for peace of mind.
  • 12-hour average battery life and activity tracker.


  • Pricey, especially with higher-tiered plans.
  • The required Halo basic plan drives the cost up.
  • Collars are too large for very small dogs.
  • Original Halo collar had negative customer feedback.
  • Cellular service is necessary for some smart system features.

halo collar reviews

Things to Consider Before Buying a Halo 2+ Collar by Cesar Millan

Wireless fence systems serve two primary purposes. 

First, they are a great way to teach your dog about boundaries. When they get close to the perimeter you've set, the Halo collar will alert them via customizable feedback, including vibrations, sounds, and static. Your dog will learn to avoid the virtual fence's perimeter. 

The second function of a wireless fence is to keep your dog out of harms way and within your yard. 

For some dogs, just learning the perimeter is enough. Some may race toward the boundary in pursuit of a squirrel or other stimulus, but they'll stop when they sense the feedback from the collar. But for other dogs, the feedback won't be enough to stop them, and they will take off.

That's where the Halo 2+ collar stands out from many other systems with dedicated GPS tracking that will keep a fix on their location, even if they've escaped your preset boundaries.

The product can be ideal for anyone with a dog and a yard where they like to let them run or hang out unattended. It's probably something every dog owner wishes they had, but there is a relatively high price tag for the equipment, and there's also a Halo subscription plan to maintain that adds to the overall cost to keep your dog near. 

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How Does Halo Collar Work? Features & Benefits

Letâs take a closer look at all the features of the Halo collar and the Halo app, along with the potential benefits they offer. Plus, you won't have to dig like you would to install a traditional electric fence.

GPS Tracking

The Halo dog collar uses a GPS in the Halo collar for activity tracking and to keep tabs on your dog's location, accurate to within a few feet. While your dog wears the collar, you can open the app and know where they are, even if they've left your property.

You can also expect solid durability from the second-generation Halo collar, as its GPS system housing is much more rugged than the previous version. It can withstand both rough terrain and your dog's chewing and scratching, so you don't have to worry about collars breaking.

Wireless Fencing Through the App

The GPS feature of the Halo collar makes it possible to set numerous boundaries for your dog. You'll open the Halo app and simply walk a border, teaching the software the perimeter for your wireless fence. You can load up to twenty different fences into the app. 

You can create any shape you want, but this feature works best with properties that are about a half-acre or more. If your boundaries are too close to one another, it can confuse the system. So this is ideal for situations where you want your dog to be able to run and roam off-leash in a decent-sized yard. 

Since you can save up to twenty fences, you can also set up one for friends' houses, your local dog park, and other frequent locations. Plus, if the connection to your phone isn't working, the GPS information also lives locally in the collar, so your dog is always tracked. 

halo dog collar reviews

Customizable Feedback

In the old days of electric dog fences, the collars would often emit a piercing squeal when the dog approached a buried wire. Then when they crossed it, they would receive a brief shock from the collar.

That sort of negative reinforcement training is less in favor today. With the Halo dog collar by Cesar Millan, you can program customizable feedback to guide your dog away from the boundaries. 

You can use six different types of encouragement and feedback to teach your dogs to stay within the perimeter, either as part of a training regimen or as part of their day-to-day adventures. 

Feedback can include warnings, like beeping sounds or other alert tones. When they get closer to a boundary or start to cross it, you can use fairly gentle first-time corrections, like a vibrating buzz, to correct the behavior. Or, if needed, you can escalate your corrections to a static sound and buzz. 

You can use Cesar Millan's custom commands, mild shocks, 'good boy' sounds, and other commands to guide their behavior and keep your dog safe, all through the setting on the app. The Halo collar is equal parts trainer, behavior corrector, and safety monitor. So, you can also use the GPS and encouragement feedback and commands to guide your dog back home if they leave your perimeter.

The Halo collar is equal parts trainer, behavior corrector, and safety monitor. So you can also use the GPS and encouragement feedback and commands to guide your dog back home if they leave your perimeter.

Training System Included

In general, Cesar Millan's behavioral psychology training methods help dog lovers teach their dogs how to behave safely. Since the Halo dog collar has the ability to deliver a shock, it requires that each user understand how to use the new Halo collar properly. So a 21-day built-in training program designed by the Dog Whisperer himself comes with the Halo collar.

The system starts with a basic indoor training regimen and then graduates to an outdoor program. 

After completing the initial training, you can subscribe to continued training packages. To keep all the GPS tracking and geofencing functions operational, you'll have to subscribe to one of three packages. The basic plan costs less than $10 per month.  

halo collar review

Improved Connectivity and Accuracy

One of the common criticisms of the original Halo training collar was that it lost connectivity and became inoperable too frequently. The Halo 2 solves that problem with improved GPS accuracy and connectivity, as well as enhanced Bluetooth, WiFi connection, and cellular capabilities.

Plus, even if the collar loses a connection to your phone and the app, the collar will continue to function.

Activity Tracking

Dog ownership can be tough, and your dog's safety can weigh on your mind. So knowing all you can about your dog's activities is very helpful. Thankfully, Cesar Millan's new Halo dog collar offers not only a training solution and smart system for Halo fences but an activity tracker right in the Halo app.

The Halo dog collar will provide both prevention feedback and encouragement feedback through virtual fences. It will use GPS location services to perform activity tracking in real time. Plus, once you enable data storage, you can analyze your dog's behavior and time spent active.

What Are Others Saying About Halo Collars?

Halo's first-generation collar seemed like an excellent training and safety tool. But a review of feedback on the internet revealed that this device was lacking in performance.

Since the release of the updated Halo 2 collar, the reviews have been much more complimentary. Users appreciate the better cellular connection, data storage, multiple fences, and indoor halo beacons.

There is also strong evidence that if there is a problem with one of their collars, the Halo company responds to customer feedback and has solid tech support. Reviews indicate that they work with the customer to correct the issue and that the replacement components come quickly and fix the problem.

If there is a knock on the Halo, it's that the battery can run low faster than the estimated twelve hours. So, if you're anticipating being away from home for more than half the day, this might not work well for you. 

halo wireless fence

Halo Collar Alternatives

The Halo collar is one of many smart collars on the market. 

SpotOn Virtual Fence

If you think the Halo collar is expensive, the SpotOn collar and Virtual Fence system may make you feel dizzy. It can be as much as three times the price of the Halo. But when you use it, you'll realize why it costs so much more.

The Halo interfaces with its satellite every fifteen seconds, so there is a delay in detecting and reporting your dog's location. The SpotOn system has only a six-second delay, increasing your real-time awareness and accuracy. 

The battery also lasts up to 24 hours, twice as long as the Halo. You do need a cellular connection to take full advantage of the SpotOn system, but it's free for the first year and less than 25% of the Halo's monthly price after that. If you have the funds, check out SpotOn. 

How it Compares to Halo

  • Greater up-front cost
  • Cheaper long term
  • Increased accuracy
  • Up to 1,000 fences! 
  • Longer battery life

Fi Collar

The Fi Collar is a less expensive alternative to the Halo, but it lacks the Halo fence feature. Instead, it's simply a tracking collar with GPS capability. It will work all over the United States, uses Bluetooth and WiFi, and comes in various colors and sizes. It's waterproof and offers a night mode with a light and a one-year warranty.

Since there aren't as many features, the Fi Series collar also has an impressively long three-month battery life. All the charging accessories you'll need come in the same box as the dog collar. While it doesn't do everything the Halo does, this is an ideal collar for lost dog scenarios, so if you want peace of mind but don't need a fence, check out the Fi.

How it Compares to Halo

  • Less expensive than the Halo collar GPS system
  • Not as many features as the Halo app
  • It fits smaller dogs better than Halo
  • Same warranty as Halo dog collar
  • Better fit for very small dogs

Wagz Freedom Collar

The Wagz Freedom collar isn't a shock collar. It uses similar alerts to the Halo but never in an inhumane way. It's more expensive than the Fi Collar and less than half the price of the Halo, but it's a standalone device that attaches to an existing collar. 

It has all the premium features you would expect in a smart collar, and it has impressive battery performance.

However, it still requires a monthly subscription and a cell signal, it's not waterproof (resistant only), and it will require a bit more effort on your part to conduct your dog's training, as there is no training program included. If you're looking for a shock-free device, check out Wagz Freedom.

How it Compares to Halo

  • Less expensive
  • Matching warranty, good tech support
  • Not waterproof
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Less accuracy than Halo by Cesar Millan

Halo 2+ Collar: Conclusion

For dog owners who want to let their dogs roam but don't want to look at a physical fence, a GPS-based, wireless fence may be an ideal system. Using a collar with a GPS tracker enables you to keep tabs on your dog's location. Marrying that functionality with geo-fencing and a smartphone app takes the system to the next level.

The Halo has the sort of features you need to give your dog the freedom they deserve to run while also automatically encouraging them to stay within the boundaries you set. It is an excellent addition to your training regimen, as it will give customizable feedback to your dog when they test the limits.

For shoppers who want something even better, consider SpotOn. The Fi is ideal for dog owners who want to track their dog but don't need a fence. Click here to find out more about the Halo collar!