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5 best under-desk ellipticals to keep you moving while you work

Get moving at work with an under desk elliptical.

Get moving at work with an under desk elliptical.


Feeling lethargic during long work days? An under-desk elliptical can help get your blood pumping like those last-minute “Can we meet?” messages from your boss — but in a much healthier and less stressful way, of course.

Under-desk ellipticals mimic real full-sized at-home elliptical machines, but instead of standing on the machine and holding the handles, the user sits in their own chair. Because they take up less space and are a more discreet, they could be a good at-work exercise option for people who would like to try a DIY treadmill desk but don't have the room or would prefer a non-weight-bearing exercise. They are typically a lot more budget-friendly, too.

Under-desk ellipticals 

We've put together a roundup of the best under-desk ellipticals available online, with an eye towards machines that are both affordable and portable. 

Stamina Inmotion E1000 Compact Strider

It feels wrong to call the long, enthusiastic essays written by customers about these under-desk ellipticals just reviews. They’re more like odes. The word “love” is tossed around frequently in all caps by folks who credit it for kickstarting their health improvements. The distance and calorie-burning data might not be the most accurate, but that doesn’t seem to bother fans of this machine. 

Cubii Move Under-Desk Elliptical

Described by Cubii as a “starter elliptical,” this lacks some of the extra bells and whistles of their other products: there’s no handle, no progress tracker, and only six resistance settings rather than twelve. However, at just under $200, it is their most affordable model. Perks also include that it is incredibly quiet while pedaling and its compact size. You can read more about it in our full review of the Cubii Move.

DeskCycle Ellipse Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Although this is the most expensive option on our list, reviewers say it’s worth it. The two most frequently cited reasons are the ease of putting it together and how quiet it is as you use it. “Practically no assembly,” wrote one happy customer. Another said, “Your chair is likely to make more noise than this thing.” 

Sunny Health & Fitness Fully Assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Peddler Exerciser

Sunny Health & Fitness

This modestly priced machine from Sunny Health & Fitness left reviewers “pleasantly surprised” by the quality of their workout. “I did not expect to work as much of my body as it does. I can feel it all the way to my abdominals.” The only critical note is the lack of a ridge at the front of the pedals, so your feet might slide up or off if you’re not careful.

Mini Exercise Bike


At under $50, this is the most budget-friendly under-desk elliptical we could find. It doesn’t have any frills like the more expensive options, but reviewers say it gets the job done without feeling cheap or easy to break. One writes, “I wouldn’t recommend this for a dedicated workout but as a buffer to prevent the issues that sitting at a desk all day can bring.” Another put it quite succinctly saying, “It isn’t great, but it is inexpensive and good enough!”

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